Cheap winter sun

Cheap winter sun

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Looking to get away for some winter sunshine? Be sure to think carefully about your destination, as well as how far the flight is. Although typically a longer journey means a more expensive holiday, some long-haul destinations have low prices once you’ve landed, so you end up saving money on extended holidays!

The Canary Islands are always highly recommended, and for good reason. Your flight is only roughly 4 hours, and the climate is terrific. If you’re looking for a variety of destinations, ranging from package resorts to delightful country hotels, maybe Tenerife is right for you. Are you a nature lover at heart? Perhaps La Palma suits best, with its rich culture, walking, and quiet beaches.

For guaranteed winter sun and direct charter flights, Goa is fantastic value. Santana and Chalston Beach Resorts are but two of many affordable hotels.

Our personal recommendation is on the west coast of Africa – The Gambia. Roughly six hours from the UK, its friendly hotels, plentiful excursions and stunning beaches are more than enticing enough. Alternatively, the Cape Verde Islands are tremendous value and well worth a visit.

Turkey’s Aegean coast offers visitors a very long season, and so does Malta.

Another fine recommendation is Marrakech, providing fantastic winter weather with cultural treasures that are hard to find elsewhere. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable street life and you’ll have yourself a lifetime of memories.

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